Solving the Enigma of The Obvious Rabbit – Chapter 1

Life wasn’t easy growing up in a caravan of kits, with five jills and six jacks. Anyone would have said that we weren’t actually all brothers and sisters, from the way we treated each other. I don’t honestly think I had one single good sleep in the entire first three months of my life, when I wisely decided to leave the den. If it wasn’t my mother picking me up by the scruff and dragging me to another home every week, it was one of my siblings challenging me to mortal war.

Not a day would go by in my youth where I wasn’t challenged, or had to challenge one from the caravan to a bit of ruff and tumble. If it wasn’t one of them sneaking up behind me and pouncing on me, it would be big John charging into me at full pace, sending us both rolling like a wagon wheel. By the time I was two months old, this piece of toast never fell face down. Each of my huge family and I, had mastered the art of battle.

All of this squabbling and fighting would work up an unbelievable appetite. Luckily, mum was an absolute demon at hunting, because at home she had all of our screaming mouths to feed. Almost every day she would bring back a nice juicy meal that she had snapped up on her travels. Nothing could beat a big old floppy eared rabbit. I can still remember seeing her bounding over the horizon with a big old thumper in her jaws, tripping over him all the way, because he was ten times her size. To this day I still wonder how on earth she could carry them so far.

As I would dive into this crazy little banquet, I would dream to myself that one day I would have one of these huge treats to myself. The need to fight off my brothers just to get a bite to eat was starting to get tiresome. On top of that, we were all getting big and mum was starting to tire from finding enough meat for us all to eat. The day was coming, I realised, where I have to leave this hole and learn how to catch my own rabbits.

One day, at three months old, mum was out, and me and the gang were up to the usual. I was taking it in turns at somersaulting and spinning onto any brother or sister I was near. At some point, I stopped for a breather and began to wonder what was taking mum so long to come back home. I was starving and becoming impatient for my next meal. Standing on my hind legs, I had a peer over the horizon, pivoting in a full circle to see if I could catch a glimpse of her. There was no luck so I tried again, stretching as tall
as I could, to get a good eyeful of everything around me. On my second go round, as I had almost completed a full circle I saw something that caught my gaze. “Could it be her?” I thought, “or is it…..?”

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